Posted by: rajeshpatnaik | October 29, 2007

It’s great to be alive

The most important thing in life is life itself. We are blessed to be alive. It’s a wonderful feeling to know that you exist. You have been given this life to live, to create, to celebrate, to do everything that is possible. We are fortunate that we have been given an opportunity to make a difference, not just in our lives but also in the lives of people around us.

What makes this life worthwhile is the relationships it has. Relationships are investments which always keep on giving increasing returns. They make you believe that you belong. They constitute your identity and existence. I read somewhere that man is nothing but a bundle of relationships – he performs multiple tasks during his lifetime – as a daughter/son, sister/brother, friend, wife/husband, mother/father, neighbour, colleague, boss, citizen and many others. So relationships are what we all should work for. We should nurture them and develop them. They will work as our support system when we are down, they will celebrate with us when we are happy and they will give a meaning to our lives. 

When I consider these facts, I feel very content. I have a loving family, few very good friends, adoring relatives and supportive acquaintances. I am still very young, full of life and boundless energy. What more can I ask for? It’s now up to me to make the most of  what God has given me and try my best to get things moving.  

That makes me preserve my yesterday, be happy and satisfied about my today and look forward to my tomorrow.

Posted by: rajeshpatnaik | October 27, 2007

We all resist change

Whenever you say or do a thing there will be a few people, very few who might support or agree with you, but there will surely be lots of people, a whole lot of them, who will certainly oppose or disagree with you. But, then that’s only natural. It’s human tendency to resist change, to oppose new ideas, thinking and views. Normally people, especially in a society like ours, feel comfortable in an environment they are familiar with. Even a slight alteration in it makes them feel uneasy. They are highly protective of and possessive about their beliefs, values, perceptions, attitudes and even prejudices. Apart from that we are also traditionally apprehensive about taking risks. Charting any new course of action invariably involves risk. We always eye with suspicion anything that sounds, looks, feels or even seems different.

Posted by: rajeshpatnaik | October 27, 2007


Hopes, aspirations, desires. Do we always get what we want? Had it been the case, words like sorrow and unhappiness would not have been there in the dictionary. Man proposes but God disposes. We learn to live with rejections and negations. Frustration grips us, fate laughs at us and life just goes on. We see a dim light in some far away corner and start walking; again in the hope of reaching the end of the dark tunnel, but do we always succeed? 

What’s that light we keep searching for: success, money, fame; but then all these are transitory things. What is the meaning of life then when we always run after things which are not permanent in nature? Can we find perfect happiness by acquiring these objects? Life as such is transitory, all that exists on earth are also transitory and perishable. How can we define perfect happiness then? 

From childhood we are constantly told that; boy, one day you have to be independent, you got to stand o your own feet and for this you have to work hard. Then only you can succeed in your life. We obey our elders and work. A sense of competitiveness garners momentum in our innermost brain. Only the fittest survive; we are told and we listen. There is no place for the weak and failures are not accepted. We listen. Fear of failure grips us and we do everything to avoid it. Win, win and win. People salute the rising sun. Again the question comes when can we claim that we are successful; when we have everything that money can buy? Can money buy everything? Can it be used as a measuring rod for success? May be, but can it be used as a measuring rod for happiness? That’s the question which every so called successful person got to answer. Can money buy happiness? 

It’s good to be ambitious, but it’s always dangerous to be over-ambitious. Ambition gives you a goal, a definite and specific path on which you can walk to attain your aim, to fulfill your dreams. Now, dreams have no boundaries. The degree, the intensity of desires vary. We always aspire for good things in life; of course the materialistic ones, things which money can buy. We always want to better our present standard of living. We want to emulate the lifestyle of rich and famous. The glamour attracts us. The extravagance fascinates us. A cruise in a luxury ship, a holiday in Switzerland, a trip to Australia; dreams, aren’t they?  

Very few of us get there and achieve it. A lot of people always aspire to be like them and are always in awe of them. Trying to emulate them, they lead a life of misery, a life in which they always feel that there is something missing. In running after what we have not got, we can not even enjoy what we have got. We give example of those few persons, people who have migrated to some rich foreign country and are earning exorbitant salaries. Is that the ultimate aim of life? Are they the only persons who have made it in life who earn pots of money? Are they happy?

If we do not know the answer then why should we keep comparing ourselves with them and keep feeling miserable? If you think they are happy then let them enjoy their dollars and don’t feel jealous. After all happiness is not someone’s paternal property. Anybody can have it and there is no restriction on quantum also.

Posted by: rajeshpatnaik | October 24, 2007


Reaching out to the world had never been easier. We all have stories to tell, ideas to share and incidents to narrate.  But, getting published in the print media is not very easy. Internet has provided a platform for people to share their views and opinions. Blogging has revolutionalized the way people express themselves. Here is a personal space where you can write on anything under the sun and do not have to worry about editors!

I have been passionate about writing from a very young age. But, I must thank a very dear friend, Parvez (he has been a regular blogger for quite some time now), for inspiring me to start this blog. He has taken up the responsibility to  design this blog for me and in return has taken the promise that I will regularly post in this blog.